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Exclusive Offers for owners and residents of Billbergia properties.

  1. Billbergia offers its My Home Rewards (”My Home Rewards”), card upon the terms and conditions listed below. By participating in My Home Rewards in the program the members acknowledge that the membership and Members’ entitlement to benefits and privileges shall be subject to these terms and conditions.
  2. Definitions

    (i) “Billbergia” means any related corporate entity within the Billbergia Group.
    (ii) “Billbergia Property” means an apartment or retail Lot in any of the Properties.
    (iii) “Contract” means a contract for sale of an apartment issued by Billbergia as vendor with respect to the sale of an apartment in any of the Properties to a purchaser.
    (iv) “Developer” means a company (being Billbergia or a related company) involved in the development of Properties.
    (v) “Loyalty Partner” means the My Home Rewards Partners who are exclusively invited by Billbergia to take part in the My Home Rewards program and are bound by the terms and conditions of the program.
    (vi) “Loyalty Partner Offer” means the ‘offer’ advertised on the My Home Rewards program website and created and provided by Loyalty Partners.
    (vi) “Member” means an individual or corporate entity that has settled a Contract for the purchase of a Billbergia Property and who has submitted an application for membership.
    (vii) “Member card” refers to the membership card that is linked to the members’ profile on the member website.
    (viii) “Properties” means any of the Billbergia apartment developments in Rhodes, Wentworth Point, Meadowbank or Brisbane.
    (ix) “Purchaser” means an individual or corporate entity that has settled a Contract for the purchase of a Billbergia Property.
    (x) “My Home Rewards Member” means a person who enters and settles a Contract and who has previously purchased and settled one or more Billbergia properties.
    (xi) “My Home Reward or Reward” means an exclusive and extensive range of premier privileges and benefits that suit members’ needs complementing their home, wellbeing and lifestyle.
    (xi) “Terms and conditions” means the Terms and Conditions as set out in this document which concern the operation of the My Home Rewards program, the use of the Member card, the Member Website and any promotional activity and loyalty transaction that arises as a consequence of the My Home Rewards program.

  3. The My Home Reward is redeemable by a Reward Member in respect of a Billbergia Property in any of the Properties available for sale through the Billbergia Sales Office.
  4. The My Home Reward is only available if the Billbergia Property is purchased through the Billbergia Sales Office at one of its developments from a Billbergia Sales Consultant or Representative.
  5. The My Home Reward will be provided to the Reward Member provided that they have complied with these Terms and Conditions in full.
  6. Billbergia may collect personal information from the Member for the purpose of facilitating the My Home Rewards program.
  7. In order to be eligible to become a My Home Rewards Member, the applicant must provide his/her current, complete and accurate personal particulars including his/her full name, local address, contract numbers and such other information as may be required by Billbergia from time to time.
  8. Upon submitting the application for the My Home Rewards program, the Member may opt out of receiving Promotional Materials. If the Member opts in to receive Promotional Materials the Member acknowledges, agrees and consents that his/her information may be used for the purposes of sending him/her Promotional Materials as referred to in clause 11.
  9. If the Member subsequently chooses not to receive Promotional Materials, the Member shall notify Billbergia by prior written notice and within thirty (30) working days of Billbergia’s receipt of the Member’s written notice, Billbergia will cease sending Promotional Materials to the Member.
  10. The Member shall not hold Billbergia liable for any losses or damages that may be suffered by the Member arising either directly or indirectly from any delay or non-receipt of the Promotional Materials or error in the Promotional Materials, if any.
  11. The Member acknowledges and agrees that the collection, use and processing of his/her information is necessary in order for Billbergia to administer benefits and privileges under the My Home Rewards program and to send the following information via letters, emails or phone calls to the Member:

    (a) Promotional material; and
    (b) Notifications as required under these Terms and Conditions.

  12. The Member consents and authorises Billbergia to collect and/or use and/or process his/her information for the purposes stated in clause 11 above.
  13. An individual is deemed to be a Member of the My Home Rewards program when they submit a completed application and activate their My Home Rewards card.
  14. Activation of the My Home Rewards card is deemed acceptance by the Member of the Terms and Conditions.
  15. A current My Home Rewards card must be presented by a Member for all transactions including (but not limited to) requests for discounts, recording of purchases, redeeming or responding to any promotional activity specific to the My Home Rewards program.
  16. To be eligible to receive a Reward, a Member or Reward Member must comply strictly with the applicable state property purchasing procedures including the completion of the Contract in respect of the Billbergia Property.
  17. Billbergia accepts no responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur as a result of the My Home Rewards program. Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, the Member and the Loyalty Partner hereby jointly and severally release Billbergia from any loss or damage incurred by them arising from the My Home Rewards program, including but not limited to:
    (a) personal injury and property damage;
    (b) any tax liability incurred;
    (c) the failure by Billbergia or the Loyalty partner to honour the My Home Reward; or
    (d) the terms and conditions under which the My Home Reward is issued.
  18. The Member hereby agrees to indemnify, release and discharge Billbergia from all damages, claims and demands and agrees to hold Billbergia harmless against any liability for any loss, damage, costs and expenses which the Member may incur by reason of or arising either directly or indirectly from or in connection with the Member’s use of the My Home Rewards Card.
  19. To the full extent permitted by law, Billbergia hereby disclaims any and all such warranties, representations or statements made or given by a Loyalty Partner or any person, representative or officer of such Loyalty Partner providing benefits and privileges to the Member and the Member shall waive all claims against Billbergia arising from any such representation, statement or dispute.
  20. All amounts stated in these Terms and Conditions are inclusive of all taxes and other duties.
  21. Billbergia reserves the right to, at its sole discretion to vary, cancel, modify or suspend the My Home Rewards program at any time without notice.